…though she be but little, she is fierce. Our practice may be small, but we offer a wide range of services. Learn more below…

Wellness and preventative medicine

The foundation of good health is preventative medicine. We believe that every animal (regardless of species) should have an annual wellness exam. As animals age, we recommend transitioning to bi-annual exams and annual blood work, to detect problems as early as possible.

We know that preventative care is expensive, which is why we are happy to offer wellness plans. Click the link below to learn more.

Emergency and critical care

If your pet is experiencing a medical emergency, call us immediately. Our knowledgeable staff or the doctor on call can help you determine the right course of action. We never hesitate to refer you to our community’s excellent 24-hour care facilities: Cornell and Colonial, if your emergency is not something we are equipt to deal with. But we are always happy to help you, refer you, or schedule your pet on a same-day basis.

We strongly recommend pet insurance to all new pet owners and encourage you to do your research and find the company that is right for you, your pet, and your budget. At Cayuga Pet Hospital, we also take Care Credit. Click the link below to learn more and apply.

Surgery and dental work

We offer a wide range of surgical services for dogs and cats as well as exotics. Whether your pet needs minor surgery or a complex procedure, we will walk you through our pre-surgical screening process, monitoring, and recovery. If your pet needs a surgery we cannot perform, we will help refer you to a trusted local surgeon who can.

Dental care is emerging as a central pillar of preventative care in veterinary medicine. Every year, we learn more about how dental disease impacts the health, quality of life, and longevity of our animals. We offer the same comprehensive preanesthetic screening, monitoring, and recovery for our dental patients; we also take full-mouth dental x-rays for every patient to ensure we do not miss early dental disease or root issues. At this time, we only offer dental work for our feline and canine patients; we will be happy to help you through the referral process if your exotic requires dental care with Cornell’s Exotics Service.


At Cayuga Pet Hospital, we love exotics. We currently see all small mammals, birds, and reptiles. We also see a wide range of poultry, including ducks, geese, and chickens.

We work closely with the wonderful Cornell Exotics team to bring you the very best care.

Many of the medical problems we encounter with exotics are the result of errors in husbandry. Before acquiring an exotic species, make sure you education yourself as to their habitat, handling, and nutritional needs. Click the link below to access our care guides, and, as always, call us if you have any questions.

Our Pharmacy

Whether you need a special diet, preventatives, chronic medications, or a prescription for a new medical problem, we have a fully-stocked pharmacy. We are also happy to special-order items. We are a small business, and supporting our pharmacy means supporting our hospital, allowing us to provide the best medicine we can for your pets. If you would prefer to shop online, visit the link to our online store below.


We are able to run a wide range of diagnostics in-house. Our hospital offers radiology, hematology, and cytology. We have a relationship with a board-certified radiologist, Dr. Giroux, to whom we send imaging for confirmation. We also use Idexx and the Cornell Diagnostic Lab to offer a full range of testing for your pet.

If your pet requires testing we cannot provide (ultrasound, MRI, CT), we will refer you a trusted local facility and help you interpret the results and develop a treatment plan, once a diagnosis is made.

Travel Exams

Planning to travel with your pet? You will need a travel certificate. Both of our veterinarians can provide you with the exams and paperwork you will need prior to travel.

Dr. Bonnie is a Certified USDA Veterinarian, which means she can examine animals for international travel and notarize their travel documents.

It is your responsibility to know the timeline for travel and your country of destination’s specific requirements. To learn more, visit the website below.

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