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For 24-hour emergency care, call:

If you have found an injured wild animal, use the number above to call Cornell’s emergency line and they will patch you through to their Wildlife Center. They accept patients around the clock.

If your animal has ingested a toxin, call us immediately. You should also call Animal Poison Control at (888) 426-4435. Have your credit card ready, as they may charge a small fee. The information they provide can be critical in determining the treatment for your pet.

Are you thinking of adopting an animal?

Local Business we love to support

  • Ithaca Grain and Pet Supply
    • Located on the West End, this wonderful little store has an enormous variety of specialty dog and cat foods, treats, and toys. Their staff are friendly and knowledgeable!
  • Ithaca Agway
    • With locations downtown and on Triphammer, this is a great place for pet supplies and food.


Although we offer boarding for cats and exotics, we do not board dogs. If you are in need of a kennel for your dog or if you’d like your animals to stay in your home, give us a call. Many of our staff members offer pet-sitting services (and they can bring your dog to work with them!). If you’re looking for a kennel, try The Pet Playhouse and Kennels. The owner is an LVT and the dogs have lots of room to run and play.

Do you need a house call veterinarian?

Sometimes, it is best for animals to make as few trips to the clinic as possible. When that is the situation, a house call veterinarian can be an excellent option. We work closely with Dr. Claire Berian (who was a classmate of Dr. Bonnie’s), to help our most nervous and elderly patients get the care they need. If you are interested, give her a call at (607) 277-9037 or visit her website: Ithaca Vet House Call.

If you live close enough to our hospital, Dr. Bonnie is sometimes willing to make house calls, particularly for euthanasia. Let us know if this is a service you would like and we will tell you if it is an option.

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